TraderStar - The next Update 1.0.2

On October 3, 2010, we released the new TraderStar update. This update offers several improvements and enhancements.

Here are the main ones:

- TraderStar is now also available for Mac OS X
- Added chinese language support

- Improved the usability of WebInfo:
- added the option of automatic translation
- added Zoom In and Zoom Out for web content
- supported MSN
- removed the sites that did not supply sufficient information for traders
- extended the import of MetaTrader files with two modes, Overwrite and Merge
- added the Chart-Snapshot function
- implemented data export for Microsoft Excel
- added the new indicator, Median, which is frequently used in statistics

- we also added new filters:
- Median, based on the Median indicator
- Moving Average, based on the EMA indicator
- Stochastic, based on the Stochastic indicator

- Bug fixes