HappyBirthday - The new version of "Anna" is ready!!!

Free Download: http://www.neonway.com/happy

On March 03, 2012, we released the new HappyBirthday Version "ANNA" with following features:

Mobility of your contacts

- Contacts from friends in the online mode
- Optimization for iPhone и Android

Control of the music of notifications

- Enable / Disable
- Volume control
- Changing the Music in notifications

My website

- Selection of the design of your website
- Welcome to the home page text
- Photo for Your Website
- Correct their own contacts (optional)

E-mail mass mailings

Three types of data backup

- Cloud-Server
- TimeWheel
- Store the contacts in HappyBirthday format

Exchanging contacts

- Import vCards file
- Export / import contacts via e-mail

Improved flow of information

- Search / Filter contacts
- Age calculation
- Statistics
- Determination of the Zodiac signs
- Horoscope

Adjustment of the profile

- Password change

"Easter Egg" - Screen Cop - copy of the desktop in the graphics file

Free Download: http://www.neonway.com/happy