TraderStar - The next Update 1.0.3

On January. 29, 2011, we released the new TraderStar update. This update offers several improvements and enhancements.

Here are the main ones:

- Increased the speed of the JavaScript user indicators evaluation
- Improved the performance for getting the data from web
- Added the new functional buttons "Community", "Tell a Friend" and "More Indicators"
- Extended the WebInfo with "CNBC" web-content
- Added the waiting animation
- Added the Splash screen, which stays visible until the TraderStar main window is appear
- Using of the new dialogs style
- Increased the range period of input field to 350 for the MA and Median filters
- Removed the obsolete GUI elements
- Fixed the crash in the VolumeBreakOut-Filter
- Fixed automatic update in the Monitor
- Fixed the crash in the Simulator, occurred if Next or GoLong button was pressed immediately on changing to the Simulator mode
- The week, month, quartile and year timeframes shows now the last trade date
- Fixed the graphical garbage on the left corner of chart window, while the CandleGuru was on